Sunday, August 22, 2010

Have you read "Behind the Name" tab?

There is a reason for our name "Scrumptious Swirls"~
I really enjoy reading the stories behind other people's business names, it actually helps me to remember them and their business in addition to appreciate them a little more because there is something personal behind it.  For further clarification  of explaining our name, I came across this article on the infamous cupcake blog "Cupcake Takes the Cake" take a moment to read this article "Please don't name your bakery babycakes".  

The two things above is why I took the time to explain and create a tab "Behind the Name" for Scrumptious Swirls of how the two words came together....there is a reason for the name for sure!  

Here are some cute pictures for behind the "Swirls" and my twitter name "3girls & swirls" 

Haley Rose, Emma Mae & Margaret Grace
My Swirls
Enjoy! I hope the explanation helps you to remember me.....and if you have one too please feel free to share! I would love to read it!

Peace, Love & Scrumptious Swirls~

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