Thursday, August 19, 2010

Part 2~ B2S desserts for Tweens

As I stated in my last post back to school time for me is bitter sweet simply because I love having my daughter home and doing what we want when we want on a daily basis but I also miss having something of a routine.  It dawned on my today that I need to get to the uniform store asap and get her what she needs.... ah little bit of BORING!

So what did we do???  We baked, torched some marshmallows, cut up strawberries, checked our eggs to be sure they were good for baking due to the recall and designed some cute printables!
Haley's 1st go at piping not so bad~
There is a really fabulous teacher & children back to school printables at The TomKat Studio (which I ordered this evening)  and I came across cute free download's for just children from a very fab bird of Bird Crafts,  a few other freebie's that A Few of My Favorite Things shared.  All darling and cute~

Unfortunately for me my 10 year old who will be 11 in September, didn't want to make it easy for me by loving one of as we looked through the Justice catalog we received in the mail today we used it for inspiration and created these~
Back to School Circles for Tween's

All have meaning and what we want most especially for this fabulous resilient age group "Love, Hope & Peace" for all them in their everyday journey through school.  There is a reason they came up with the age group "Tweens" they are one of kind and need all those 3 words each and everyday!

Please click on any of the link for your free printable for your fun & fabulous tween!  Check my other post for my Smore pops & below find my quick how to make cupcakes with fresh strawberries and chocolate buttercream so you can adorn them with your fun cupcake toppers~

Ok, now onto the scrumptious part~

Chocolate Buttercream with fresh strawberry white cake cupcake
Nothing like fresh strawberries baked into a cupcake!! 

So I have been away the last few days and didn't have everything I needed to make my cupcake from scratch.  Like I said I wanted to give everyone a short cut on this one, I had a boxed white cake mix in my closet.  I prepared the cake mix as the directions asked and washed and cut up 12 small-medium sized strawberries and gently folded them in after I mixed the cake batter according to the directions(very important~ you do not want to over mix a cake batter ever!! So gently fold the berries in)

Off they went in the oven then I prepared my buttercream and I always have those ingredients in my house...oh how I love to make different buttercreams.  

Anyway, either buy your icing or make your favorite buttercream and as for the chocolate I added about 3 tablespoons ( I never really measure) of Hershey's cocoa powder to the creamed butter and mixed it very well before I added the confectioner's sugar.  

Put my circles on popsicle sticks and now we have a perfect evening of desserts to kick off getting ready for B2S 2010!

If you have any questions let me know...and I would love to know if you made any of these scrumptious desserts...please share just post a comment!!  

Peace, Love & B2S~



  1. What fun your girls must have had!! Haley's piping looks pretty good : )

  2. Those were honestly too cute! Very creative! I've got a tween girl that would swoon over these - her love of cupcakes and Justice all in one!!