Thursday, August 12, 2010

Graphic Design in her future perhaps??

This is my very fun, energetic, talented, creative, athletic & caring almost 11 years old daughter Haley Rose hard at work creating her very first design!

The other night Haley had a sleep over at my Aunt's house that entailed walking the streets of Chestnut Hill doing lots of shopping & creating original artwork by hand and digital!  Haley love's to go over to Jane's she always has the best time, I think Jane likes it too because Haley seems to be the jack of all trades....she loves designing, creating art work, again plays sports, loves good food & of course can hold quite a conversation, she is a very well rounded child I believe.  Then again I am her Mom and she is my oldest I probably won't say anything different :).

Anyway back to the design~  so here she is above drawing/painting the flower that is in the middle of the image below.  From there Jane scanned  it onto the computer.   Next, Haley had been admiring designs of plaids that Jane had designed, so of course then Haley asked if she could give it a whirl to design her own plaid! Long story and some designing later.....Voila!!    Haley's 1st go at creating and designing digital work:

I have to say I am impressed!  What do you think?  Looking forward to more work from Hales!  And perhaps in the future we will see her designs across the party circuit blogs and dessert tables:)!!

I just has to share, something a little fun and different from cupcakes & desserts!!
Love you Hales! Keep up the creativity girl!!

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