Friday, August 13, 2010

Bring on the weekend~melon infused margarita skewers

Ok again, off topic for a post!  But this afternoon it will be back with a fresh strawberry (because I love fresh fruit & summer) & buttercream of course!

So last week when I attended the Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia event as seen here on The Martha Blog today, one of the fantastic tasting treats we had were frozen melon margarita pops.  It was so refreshing and could not resist them and for those of you who personally know me~ I LOVE margarita's!!  Click on the link Martha posted a picture of the frozen treats ;).  I this week was thinking about them in this ridiculous heat and had to try my own!!

To get you ready for the weekend here is a little "how-to" & I say a "must-do" for your happy hour this evening or whenever  your melons and margarita's can come together!!

Here is what I did~ grabbed 3 different melons from my local The Fresh Market; watermelon, cantaloupe & honeydew.  A bottle of Freshie's margarita mix this is the only mix I will use these days....all natural ingredients including the sugar, the lime juice & the oj and it taste so good and fresh (hence the name ;)).  I had the alcohol already at home~ the tequila & cointreau.

I mixed 2 glasses worth of  margarita's poured it in with the fruit that I had cut up into corningware bowl that has a seal tight lid. (tip: VERY IMPORTANT don't put it in plastic....alcohol eats away at plastic, email me if you want to know how I learned was 20 years

Use how ever much fruit can fit and of course if you need more.....make another Margarita!!

Ok, so I infused mine for 6 hours in the fridge.  Took them out, got my skewers out and placed three on each, then on a platter to the freezer for about 30 mins!  They are extremely tasty and refreshing I must say!  Please take a few minutes to party or relax with your melons & margarita's this weekend!!

Enjoy~ If you are new to my blog please leave a comment if you do mind :) and at the very least follow along!

Peace, Love & Infused Melon Margarita's~


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