Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What to do with leftover cupcakes you ask.....

Grab them along with some vanilla ice cream, fresh blueberries, milk, fresh whipped cream and a blender for a FRESH BLUEBERRY CUPCAKE MILKSHAKE!!!  That's right!

Put them in a blender with a scoop of ice cream, milk & fresh blueberries that blended with sugar for a bit!!!
Left over cupcakes that were stored for 2 days

fresh blueberries with sprinkled sugar and then mashed

Blender with cupcakes, ice cream, milk & fresh blueberries

Actually I took 3 cupcakes, 4 scoops of vanilla icing and 2 handfuls of the berries, a bit of milk and blended them to get 3 servings.  As for the blueberries...sprinkle sugar on top of the fresh blueberries and let them sit in the fridge for a bit so they come together, and mash them with a fork.  

So I may not be the first to put all of this together!  But for those of you who read this it is a reminder that of course with some fresh whipped cream swirls, sweet blueberries, a left over cupcake and ice cream you can make a one of kind fun milkshake for yourself and your family to enjoy! 

Now what I also did for my girls was I filled up my pop maker to make them into popsicles for them~ the weather feels like 101 degrees today in Philly and my electric bill just came in at a whopping $580! So the AC is turned up now and these perfect treats will be a scrumptious delight this evening!

Any questions please email me!  And if you give it a try come back and let me know, I would love to hear!

Peace, Love & Cupcake MilkShakes~

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  1. OH my goodness! If I ever have left over cupcakes I will for sure have to try this! Thanks!