Monday, October 25, 2010

{Recipe} TRICKS for your TREATS!


I'm calling this "Graveyard Dirt" because honestly... I don't know what it is called exactly.  To me it is a "grown-up" version of the dessert dirt (crushed oreo's and whipped cream).  

This dessert is absolutely so easy and so scrumptious, it is a must try!  

Here is what you need~

Whipped Cream
Dark Chocolate Mousse
Heath Toffee Bits
And the best part.........
Either make a batch or honestly,  to make it even easier so the only thing you are really preparing is the chocolate mousse,  I buy mine from the bakery in the grocery store.  I won't but much from the bakery but brownies I will especially when you are mixing it in with other sweets.  Either way, to me it is what makes this whole dessert!

After you prepare the brownies and the mousse, this is what to do~
You can prepare it 2 ways, either make a big bowl so that you spoon servings out or use the tasting serving bowls like in the pictures here.  You want to crumble your cooled brownies into bite size pieces or smaller.  

Basically you just layer the mousse, then the brownies, toffee bits then whipped cream!  So easy, if you use a big bowl I do 2 layers of each ending with the whipped cream.  With the serving dishes just do one and garnish with a few toffee pieces & crumbled brownie!  There you have it! The tasting dishes I have came with little spoons from Pier 1 Tasting Collection that is what I attached the headstones too~ Super cute, very scrumptious and absolutely for the young & old on Halloween!  


The Tip Junkie  shared a whole handful of free halloween printables today!  That is where I found the RIP toppers on the Elle's Studio blog.  

Any questions let me know!  Enjoy~

Peace, Love & TRICKS for your TREATS~

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