Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello my Summer Loves.....

Well first &  foremost I hope you noticed the new look!!  I absolutely LOVE it....I hope you do too!  Amy from Mammalicious Mama & Mammalicious finds did such a wonderful job and she was so nice to work she totally brought the colors and my style together so perfectly!

Now onto the scrumptious reason for my post~
For those of you who are in my area you know that New Jersey grows some of the best fruits & veggies you will ever have....with that being said I found Jersey Fresh blueberries this week!!  I usually bake a yummy pie or muffins with them, but this time I decided to make a Fresh Blueberry Buttercream....Oh My Gosh it is so delicious words can not will have to taste it for yourself! 

I did a little something to the fruit that I do with all of my fruits to sweeten them up a bit before chopping them up to add to my buttercream....nothing artificial of course all fresh & natural ingredients!

As for the Lemons~
A lemon drop cupcake with fresh squeezed lemon juice and after it was done baking I had made a fresh lemon juice & sugar glaze that I poured carefully on top and let set into the cake for a few hours before piping the blueberry buttercream! 

Perfect for everything that is coming up in the next few weeks Father's Day & July 4th don't you think? I certainly do and I adore the cupcake liners that I picked up at Crate and Barrel last week!  It's actually the perfect time of the day right now to enjoy a cupcake too....hmmm~ maybe just a bite :)

Love, Peace & Blueberries~

Monday, June 14, 2010

~I was Featured~

Happy Monday everyone!!  Feeling very energetic this morning and so excited to share that I was featured on Save the Date for Cupcakes!  I love Tanya's blog, it was one of the first that I began to follow.  I love her diversity of the parties she shares and of course the one very sweet thing in common I have with her is,  we both bake & create of own cupcakes!  Please take a moment and visit her are sure to find something that you will like! 

Thank you so much Tanya!  I appreciate you sharing my Stella & Dot sweet table!  Have a wonderful Monday all!
Peace, Love & Sweets~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wooo hoo! I was featured on Bird Crafts today!

I'm so flattered by Birds comments on my decorating of the cakes.....I'll have to think of a way to get her to taste one or two and then see what she says :)  To me you need to Love the Sweetness of the Taste and the Presentation....but in all seriousness I'm stoked that I was featured!  My very first one!  What a fabulous way to start a Wednesday! Thanks again Bird Crafts!  Make sure you fly on over to take a peek at her great blog!