Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh Too-Doodles!! A Mickey Mouse Birthday

Happy Monday everyone!  I had the pleasure of creating a Mickey Mouse birthday for my niece that turned the fun age of 2 last week.  She has a certain love, as many do for the classic Mouse, Mickey of course!   I enjoyed making this commercial character into our own to make it cute and unique!  Not every dessert table needs to be all out with an over abundance of desserts,  you can create an easy yet colorful and memorable dessert display with special details.  

Coordinating cookies of square & party hat shapes

DIY Party Hats! Everyone must be celebrating Micky Mouse style because there we no hats in stock at the stores.  No worries with simply cutting out black circles out of construction paper and finding colorful hats at Target we were in Mickey Mouse business.  Kids loved them and they all look great wearing their ears!  See~
 Oh-two doodles wearing her hat!  


Window sign welcoming guests

 Oh-Two doodles personalized 5x7 framed sign 
 DIY printable banner

The famous song "hot dog hot digity dog" 5x7 personalized sign.  
You should see her dance for that song.... priceless.   


 Vanilla buttercream cupcakes with fondant toppers

Cupcake Toppers

Chocolate Fudge Icing Cupcakes
will be sharing the recipe & how to make the hats on my blog later today.  The frosting is delicious and the party hats were very easy to make.  

Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse Birthday,