Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oreo Marshmallow Treats

Hey there!

These are too cute and scrumptious I just had to share!!  Perfect treat for a childs gathering or a fun craft to do with your children!

Here is what you need~
Chocolate Chips for melting
White Chocolate Chips (optional see below)
Orange candy melts for the nose
Red licorice swirls
Black Edible Pen
Bag of White Cotton Candy

Here is what you do~
Cut the marshmallow in half

Place them onto the oreo the sticky side down, push down onto the cookie and let it sit for about 10 mins so it sets onto the cookie.  

Place the cookie into the the melted chocolate marshmallow down and cover with chocolate.  Set them aside on a piece of parchment paper to let dry.
While the cookies are drying you can then melt white chocolate piece &,to coat the marshmallow like you see in the picture.  Let them dry or just take the plain marshmallow and draw the faces onto it with the edible marker & make the nose with a toothpick with the melted orange candy pieces.  
When the pieces are completed you are ready to assemble!  Line a plate with white cotton candy, place the licorice swirl, the marshmallow then cookie hat on top.  You may have to play with a few to get them lined correctly and to stay in place.  

There you have it!! Scrumptious Oreo Cookie Marshmallow Treats! 


Peace, Love & Snowmen~


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cocktails & Cookie Exchange Party Part 1 { New Rules}

Have you ever hosted one?  Or thinking to host one this season?
photo via Martha Stewart website

I hosted one last year for the 1st time, it was interesting in many aspects of the party.  From the invite, to setting "rules", to the rsvp's and then the actual event.

The first thing I did was read up on the web of what to do and how to host one.  I set a date, made a list of rules and set out an evite to all the quests.
The title was "Cookies & Cocktails" it was on a Sunday afternoon, 2 weeks prior to Christmas, perfect time for the girls to get together & relax in the middle of the holidays.  

These were my guidelines that were sent out with the invite:

Please bring a platter or basket to present your cookies...be creative!
The cookies must be baked or bought from a bakery (there is a good reason, I'm not trying to be bossy ;))
The 4 dozen can be split between 2 recipes
Bring a container to take your new cookies home

Please RSVP with your cookie recipes that you will be bringing so we did not get multiple cookies.  

Pretty much what is out there that everyone does, not so hard right???  Wrong........................!  

What I got was 12 rsvp's and only 4 of my friends brought cookies.  When I was getting RSVP's people weren't too sure what they wanted to bake.  Then on the actual day one person brought burnt cookies, another person showed up at the end with her cookies after they were exchanged, just to mention a few.  People did bring containers, and the cookies were set up on platters but to me it still wasn't coordinated as I thought it be. I'm sure if I asked everyone could state something they would do differently after hosting one.  

So I learned a few things from hosting my first one to say the least.  I have not given up hope on these wonderful parties that are hosted so much around this time of the year.  BUT I have & will make a few changes to the guidelines.  
Updated guidelines~

Please rsvp as soon as possible.  I am providing the recipes for the yummy cookies & you can choose what cookie you would like to bake & bring!  But 1st come first serve so please email as soon as possible!   The recipes are not too hard and are very yummy cookies that you will enjoy.

Please bring your 4 dozen cookies in a container, upon arriving please place them in the treat bags(that I will provide) by the dozen.  Please attach the custom cookie label to the bag (provided) and place them on the table for the cookie exchange.  

There will be a chocolate chip cookie recipe, honestly if you can bring a snicker doodle cookies, chocolate chips are better in my opinion and who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch!   But if you do get this cookie, it must be from scratch.  No break and bakes are tollhouse logs.  

Please make sure that the cookies are from scratch.  If you burn your cookies or can not bake the cookies you are assigned PLEASE find a bakery to buy your cookies.  Of the 8 recipes all but 1 can be bought freshly baked from bakeries.  

Please be serious!  Cookie baking is ALOT of work but FUN and the end result is a scrumptious treat and no holiday is complete without cookies!!  You will go home with 4 dozen different cookies to enjoy.  

We need at least 8 people for this to be successful....but of course the more the merrier & we can add a few more cookie recipes if we get more to attend.  
What do you think of the new guidelines??  

I have a very good feeling that it will work this time!  

Here is the good part!  All this week starting tomorrow I am going to share all 8 recipes with you along with Free cookie printables for you to give as gifts or for you to use at a cookie exchange!  

Check back every day!  Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear!  

Love, Peace & Christmas Cookies~ 


Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Godmother!

Hi!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  Today I celebrated my Aunt who is my very special Godmother 60th Birthday!

I also had the opportunity to make her cake that match the invitation! It was a very scrumptious fresh raspberry buttercream & lemon glazed cake!!

It has been a very busy last few days for me!!!  Lots of fun things coming for the holidays next week.  Until then here are a few photos from todays celebration~



Happy Birthday Aunt Patty!  Love you!!  

Love, Peace & Godmothers~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter Wonderland Holiday Inspiration~

Hi!  I am so very busy trying to get ready for Thanksgiving next week as I said in an earlier post I am hosting our families Thanksgiving for the 1st time..AAAHHH!!  It is all coming together thankfully!  I will share more later when it is all together.  I am also putting together a fabulous post on a fun "how to" with tips from my personal experience of hosting a "Cocktails & Cookie Exchange" party!  Including customized printable & 8 scrumptious cookie recipes!!

In the meantime........

I want to share with you pictures from a holiday inspiration table photo shoot that Pam from Party Starters executed!  I was so honored to have my decorated cookies invited to her fantastic party!

Enjoy & I hope you get inspired!!!

So are you ready??  I'm certainly not but the DEFINITELY gets me excited and in the mood for the days to get here quickly!!

Photography and styling by 
Party Printables by Shindig Parties to Go
Noel Banner by The Two Savvy Sisters
Peppermint Marshmallow by Sweet Lydias

Peace, Love & Winter Wonderlands,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cake It Pretty!

I have some exciting news to share!

I have been asked to "Cake It Pretty" on the fabulous party blog Bird Crafts!  I was very honored when I got an email from my favorite Bird asking me to contribute to her blog!

Today is the 1st post!  It is a fun & adorable Cupcake Cake!  Be sure to click over and read about it!  Let us know what you think!

What kind of cake would you like to see done??  I would love to know....perhaps I will Cake it Pretty!

Happy Wednesday All!

Peace, Love & Cake It Pretty,


Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving is so close!

What 1 1/2 weeks away!?  That was my panic this weekend!  Why panic??  I am hosting my 1st Thanksgiving in our home this year!!  For the last 8 years I have hosted Christmas, I have Christmas decor & entertaining pieces galore! But for Thanksgiving not so much......this is basically all I have...LOL

So WHAT IS a girl to do??  Run out an by a whole bunch of things to decorate for Thanksgiving again not so much.....I have to already buy a few things that I need for actually preparing and serving my fancy turkey feast!!  Bring the CRAFT ON I said to myself!  This past weekend I shopped my storage closet and found a few things like the fall color candle tray/plate some glass hurricane containers & a bag of pine cones from last year.  I also with the weather being so nice took my girls out in the back for a pine cone hunt so I could get some use out of them and filler where ever I would need it.
As I was putting things together, I remembered seeing a photo on the Martha Stewart website in which she used mini pumpkins to make a candle holder.  I loved the idea!  But I wanted to incorporate some flowers into my arrangement I was creating.  Then it dawned on me!  I'll do something similar but make a vase with my mini pumpkins that I had left over from Halloween!

This is my finished arrangement of what I came up with to be in my living room~
So pretty & crafty right?

Here is what you need to do.....

Take 3 pumpkins and stack them to be sure that they will sit on top of each other....Hollow out the your top pumkin and cut 2 squares of foral foam to stick in the pumpkin.  Wet the foam with water before inserting. See photos below~

Time till the pumpkin with flowers,  I used store bought flowers & cut 10 flowers with about 2-2 1/2 inch long stem. Then arrange them into the pumpkin. Stack the pumkins up with the flowers on top & there you have a Martha Stewart inspired mini pumpkin vase!! 





Do you like the cylinder filled with nuts & pine cones with the burlap & ribbon?  Come back tomorrow to see the whole set up with another quick how to and my "Grateful & Blessed" DIY banner I created! 

Peace, Love & mini pumpkins floral vase,


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wow what a week I had~

Hey there everyone!  I just wanted to recap last week! It was so fun & exciting I just had to share!

I had the oppurtunity to meet & speak to "The Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro at the Barnes and Noble!
First was The Cake Boss~ I wasn't sure what to expect it as far as how many people would be there, it was on a Monday at Barnes & Noble at 12 noon...I packed up my 2 little girls and off we went!  Got there a bit late and the line was weaved in and out and around the book shelves of the store.  THANKFULLY, my little ladies behaved and I met a few very sweet Buddy fans in line!
Finally about 45 mins later we had our turn to chat & get a photo with Buddy.  I watch the show on a weekly basis.  One of the reasons is I love all the personalities on the show especially Buddy's.  His mother is definitely my favorite. Buddy was so nice, asked for the babies right on his lap in such a way like he was a friend and just loved little kids.  He was extremely warm & so appreciative of everyone, as humble he is at times on his show, he was exactly that was in person too!

Here are the photos starting with when we got there in the back of the line to the signing and then when he was all finished, I asked if we could get one more photo and chatted a bit about baking!  What a fabulous & memorable conversation that was to say the least for little old me the self taught baker :)

Margaret is like "really Mom...how long do we have to wait here"
We could get the girls to smile, but at least they weren't screaming :)

FABULOUS DAY!!!  AMAZING opportunity for me like I said! 

The really exciting part is I got 2 books signed by The Cake Boss!!  1 for me & 1 for maybe you too!  

Later this week I will share all the exciting details!!  I am so stoked for my 1st giveaway here on my blog! Not only because it is the 1st, but the giveaway itself just made the #4 spot on the NYT best seller list & just as important the site that is hosting it for me!! Yay!  Can't wait to share! 
If you can't wait here is the link if you want to buy or find out more about his book http://books.simonandschuster.com/Cake-Boss/Buddy-Valastro/9781439183519

Peace, Love & The Cake Boss,


Friday, November 12, 2010

1st Birthday Giveaway at Bird Crafts! Celebrate with her!

Bird Crafts - Party Supplies, Party Printables, Custom Paper Goods, Stationery and Handmade Crafts

Bird Crafts is one of the very 1st Party blogs that  I began to follow back in May when I started mine.  Quickly there after I sent her some photos of my daughter's 1st birthday cake and she featured it on her "Cake It Pretty" section of her blog!   From there she gave me advice and we have developed a virtual friendship that I truly adore and am grateful to have!

What I am thankful for today??  Is my good friend and favorite Bird from Bird Crafts!

Now for the Birthday celebration and how you can win!!  She is giveaway a birthday package worth $360!!!!

Here is what you need to do....CLICK HERE TO GET TO HER LINK

1st Click Follow to become a follower of Bird, leave a quick comment letting her know you are a new follower or that your are a current follower.

 Then for extra entries to try to win do the following below~

For extra entries (one extra entry each), please leave a LINK in a separate comment to each of the following:

* Share this post on your Facebook page
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* Share this giveaway and link back to Bird Crafts Party Blog in a Post
* Add one of Bird Crafts Buttons to your sidebar with a link back to us

Read more: http://birdcrafts.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway-360-worth-of-prizes-to.html#ixzz154PwctgO

Hurry up an click over for your chance to win!  Before you leave make sure you look at her Somewhere of the Rainbow it is surely a party theme any girl would want to have!  

Happy Friday Everyone! Happy 1st Birthday Bird! 

Peace, Love & Bird Crafts 1st Birthday,


Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday! Cupcake Cake Topper

Hey there!  So I am off to get Buddy Valastro to sign a copy of his book while he is in the Philadelphia area this morning on his Book Tour.

I just wanted to share this cute Cupcake Cake Topper I did this past weekend for a friend who's daughter turned 1 this weekend!




Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cupcake Runway {Tween Inspired Birthday Party}

What a fun & scrumptious birthday party my 11 year old daughter Haley & 26 of her friends had a last month!
Here are all the photos& details from "Cupcake Runway" ~ a mix of the reality shows "Cupcake Wars & Project Runway".  The girls absolutely had a fantastic time!

I need to pay a HUGE thank you to Michele of Michele Hand Photography.  She did an amazing job at capturing so many candid photo's of the girls!

Enjoy & any questions let me know!  These photos are property of Scrumptious Swirls, if you would like a copy of any please email me stacyk17@comcast.net!  I'd be happy to send it to you.  Thank you!
The Invite- I love the color combo we used....Fuchsia, Navy & Lilac~
Here we go!  The party was from 2pm - 5pm so we had snacks bags of popcorn & soft pretzels, along with a candy bar. Both water & fruit punch with fun & super cute paper straws that I absolutely love~
The striped paper bags & paper straws were from one of my favorite Etsy shops Fort & Field.  I just adore the simplicity of the things she sells in her shop!  The other bags I got at Michaels and used one of  Martha Stewart's Craft Punches around the edges.

The birthday girl~ 
We played a few games~
The Marshmallow Game  
(Put one marshmallow at a time in your mouth and say "fuzzy bunny")  
All of the girls laughed so hard playing, it was great to see & hear! 
And a little volleyball in the backyard

What is Cupcake Runway you ask?  
The girls were the designers & the cupcakes were their model forms. When they entered the "Workroom" they "Piped it Posh" with the icing bags with 2 different style tips & the toppings.  Then they needed to "Make it Work" with the Posh cupcake wrappers from the one & only Bella Cupcake Couture.  We broke up the groups evenly and had the girls come to the workroom where I would demonstrate how to pipe the icing.....and the rest was up to them!!

While the designers were hard at work creating...the others were playing outdoors having fun!

When the designers completed their projects, they placed them on the runway.  I had slips of paper with their names for them to put their finished cupcake on until the time of judging. 

Pretty good right!?  These fine girls are our future cupcake designers for sure!  They piped them posh and neatly I might add!  (Which was an added perk of what could have been a total mess!  Because their cupcakes were being judged they kept the area and their cupcakes nice and neat ;)

From there 4 random judges were chosen with another game we played.  We shuffled around the cupcakes for the judges to be extra fair for the designers and they were not allowed to pick their own.  

There were 4 winners!  All which were displayed on the darling cupcake stands from Hello Hanna!  

Super Posh & Fabulous cupcake designing if I don't say so myself (maybe it was their super cool instructor...LOL totally kidding!) And BTW it is not too cool to say "super cool" I found out ;)

From there it was nothing but PEACE, LOVE & SWEETS~ 
For dessert they each enjoyed their cupcakes OFCOURSE!!!! Along with chocolate covered pretzels & birthday cake made by me, doughnuts & chocolate covered oreos!
Haley Rose! 

Last but not least!!!! My 11 yr old and her fabulous friends were all hero's for this party!  
Each guest brought books to donate to the organization Project Night Night.  We found this wonderful organization through my darling friends at the Children's Party Network.  That day we received 42 brand new books to donate for the totes they make for homeless children across the country in shelters.  Thank you both to Project Night Night and CPN for making this part of the party the Icing on the Cupcake!!  

Speaking of Project Night Night, when planning my party I had asked the Kristy of The Posh Pixel Design Studio to create custom labels & cupcake toppers for the party.  I decided to cut back on costs so that we could donate & purchase additional tote bags for the homeless children.  One of the costs were the labels so in lieu of I did donate a tote in Posh Pixels name to Project Night Night ;) 
Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures! 

Peace, Love & Tweens!!