Friday, July 16, 2010

{A little late in the season}~ Grad Party Sweetscape with Ice Cream Bar

I know it's a little out of the grad season but I wanted to share this fun 8th grade graduation dessert table I put together for 3 very fab grads in June!! 

The theme was black & white and the 3 grads invited all of their friends for lots of sweets & dancing at MaGerks Pub & Grill.  I suggested the teal blue color which they loved.   The color really tied everything together and made the table pop in the restaurant. 

We had lots of cupcakes with scrumptious buttercreams which were an espresso mocha buttercream, white chocolate raspberry buttercream and a vanilla bean.  The cake topper in the shape of a grad hat was a red velvet with cream cheese buttercream.  All this went next to the ice cream sundae bar, and who knew when the grads decided that they wanted a sundae bar for their party that it would be the main theme to have at your parties this summer.   Thanks to the infamous Amy Atlas & our local celebrity Kelly Ripa!!  If you read Amy Atlas' blog post when she worked with Kelly everything she said about how friendly and kind she is is so true!  A few years ago when Kelly hosted the Thanksgiving Day parade in Philly our rooms were next to each other at the Four Seasons.  We ended up waiting & riding the elevator a few times together, she always struck up a conversation and was so super friendly!  Anyway...back to the fab grad party! 

Here are the photo's

Here we go....
Red Velvet cake cupcake topper with espresso mocha chocolate buttercream on chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  I had to make my own party labels and signs because I didn't have much time to contact any of the creative and talented party gals who created custom orders.  I made the best of it!  I am NOT a computer graphic person by any means and I give props to the woman out there who do such a great job! 
I really did like the sayings I came up with for the 8th grade grads party circles "Dream It" & "Achieve It",
I found the themed paper that I lined the plates with at Michael's, lining your plates with paper makes a huge difference in the presentation and it is so simple!

As for the ice cream sundae bar the grads chose their toppings.  {Tip for choosing toppings} I am glad the Mom's decide no sauces due do that they was over 120 13 & 14 year olds invited and they foresaw a huge mess.  They were right because one of the boys grabbed a handful of cherries and knocked the whole bowl over and the cherry juice was all over the tablecloth.  We had limited space because of the amount of people that is why both displays were on the one table.  Next time, I will use or suggest separate table for the sundae bar, anda plastic table cover!  In the end they all had a blast with it and there were only crumbs left....and that is the most important thing!!



If you notice the labels, again I had to do them in word and then I had found a Friskar template at Michael's that I used for the bracket cut outs.  I wasn't there at the time this was served but I suggested pre-scooping the vanilla and chocolate ice cream neatly into the serving bowls a bit before dessert time.  Then put the serving bowls in the freezer until it was time to serve.  Made it easier for everyone!  And it looked cute too :)

One last thing if you take a look at the spoon container, it is a chinese food take out container, which you can find at most party stores.  I always use these for so many different things, from serving salads at parties, gifts for friends or simply when I need something to hold a pack of crayons when the box breaks apart.  If you use it to serve the utensils ever, fold the tabs inside the box and take double sided tape to help them stay! 

So there you have it!  3 Fab Grads & their ice cream sundae bar cupcake sweetscape~

Now off to start setting the table for my shabby vintage "anniversary dinner & desserts for 2" this weekend~

Peace, Love & TGIF,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Backdrop fabric boards for party tables

I have had people asking me what I use for the backdrop covered in fabric that go behind the dessert tables so I thought I would take a minute and give details on what I do for mine~

I purchased a blank art canvas from Michael's the one I have is a 48 x 36, it was great to because I used a 40% off coupon I had for the week so I only paid $30-$35 for it.  I thought about getting a board from home depot but with the canvas it is nice and light very easy to store & transport too!
I then go to Jo Ann fabrics and pick out fabric according to my theme. 
(TIP for fabric with a pattern~ you need to be careful make sure you have the measurements for the board because of the repeat in the fabric.  Also be sure it will cover the full height of the board.)  Tell the fabric cutter the measurement of your board and they can help you if you are unsure if the fabric will work.

When I get home I iron the fabric then I take the fabric and board and begin from the top to tack the fabric. I go across the top then fold over the two corners and tighten like so....

Next I turn it onto its side and tack it to the is almost like wrapping a present.  When I get to the 2nd side is when I pull it tight, then I go to the corners and the 1st side and re-tighten accordingly.

Next turn it around so the bottom is up to tack the 4th side.  After you get it all done you may want to adjust some of the fabric and the tacks so that the fabric is smooth across the front. 

And there you have it!  A fabric backdrop which is easy and inexpensive.  You can have lots of fun with all the different fabrics and use the fabric for inspiration for your dessert tables! 

I hope this helps some party girls out there! 


Monday, July 12, 2010

A different kind of Ice Cream Sandwich

appy Monday!  So last week was my birthday, and here in the Philadelphia burbs it was so hot....on my actual birthday July 7th it reached 103 degrees!  There was no way anyone was turning on the oven in my house but we had to sing Happy Birthday to me but of course!!! 

So this is what we had~ Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches!  They are ridiculously so good, that I have to share with you because I want everyone to try.  It is just perfect and just in time with ice cream being the rage and thing to have this summer.

So hurry up and run out to your local doughnut shop and pick up plain cake doughnuts.   I got ours at the Dunkin Donuts~ they call them "Old Fashions".  Then pick up your favorite flavored ice cream; mine is cookies and cream put them together and enjoy!! 

If you try it please let me know what you think!  I thought it was so tasty, fun and easy!

Peace, Love & Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches~

Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden Tea Party Favor Bags

Happy Friday everyone!  Thank goodness the temperature has broken triple digits today.  I wanted to quickly share my craft that I am working on for my favors for my friends to take from my garden tea party coming up.  My inspiration is my most favorite flowers out there the beautiful ~ hydrangea! 

I'm going to fill the bags with scrumptious & buttery sweet compost cookies, the recipe is from the famous Momofuko Milk Bar in NYC.  I figured compost cookies would go so well for a garden party!!  I'll post the recipe and photos after I bake them tonight.  Again, it has been soooooo hot here in Philadelphia that baking was out of the question this week!  Oh, and I'll share my birthday dessert with everyone too going with the summer theme of ice cream. 

I got a chance to get to Michael's yesterday and picked up little brown bags, a dainty hydrangea stamp, sky blue and moss green color stamps and raffia palm ribbon.

Enjoy your day everyone!! 

Peave, Love & Crafts~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Invitation Design Contest

While I am busy getting ready to celebrate my own birthday this week, I wanted to share a contest that just came to my inbox from Invitation Consultants that I think some of you should submit your designs too! 

I believe that the invitation sets the tone for your party!  In fact, I think that it is just as important as your menu & decor.

 Please go and check it out those of you who are very creative with your fabulous invite designs!  I follow some very creative and fabulous women out there, those that come immediately to mind are;  The TomKat Studio, Party Box Design, Icing Designs, Bird Crafts, and A Blissful Nest just to name a few.  So if you are a creative invitation designer please follow this link at Invitation Consultants and submit your work!  I LOVE when others get the opportunity to share their work with others to be recognized for following what they are passionate about!  Good luck to all and thank you for making the hostess's jobs a bit easier with your creativity! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!

My family & I celebrated and sang Happy Birthday to our country with a lunch today before we go to a BBQ at my Aunt's then off to fireworks tonight!  Wish I would have been able to post somethings soon but my computer had a bad bug get into it!  Better late then never........ Here we go!!

I picked up the fans to keep cool at Joanne's and the visors & foam stickers all at Micheal's, the girls really enjoyed putting them together.  Both certainly came in handy at lunch with the 95 degree heat, but we stayed in the shade and brought on the breezes with our patriotic fans!

Now onto our lunch!  We had hotdogs with caramelized onions, fries & watermelon that we scooped with an ice cream scooper, placed in a patriotic cupcake liner & put then in the freezer for a bit~ perfect to keep us cool! 
I had wrapped the utensils in red, white & blue napkins and tied them with cute cupcake & peace sign red, white & blue ribbons.  I also had some lolli pop sticks that I stuck a felt star on and added to the roll-up...the girls loved them!

I hung some red, white & blue stars from the umbrella with an Uncle Sam hat!

Most importantly of course DESSERT!  My scrumptious lemon drop cupcake with Jersey Fresh blueberry buttercream and a red white & blue fondant topper that I made! So Happy Birthday USA & I hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday with your family & friends!  Peace, Love & USA!