Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday America! Ice cream sandwiches & Hostess gift

July 4th is one of my most favorite holidays!  What is more fun is that we live close to the birth place of America "Philadelphia", and there are so many events going on to celebrate.  There is a fantastic event called Wawa Welcome America in Philadelphia that is going on full force with many free events concerts and most importantly 3 firework shows!  My favorite!  Click the link here for full details of the ongoing celebration in the city of brotherly love.

This weekend we have a few parties to attend!   I wanted to share what my hostess gift will be in addition too one of my favorite summer desserts, a salty & sweet chocolate chip ice cream sandwich!

Top your sandwich with a felt star on a novelty red, white & blue candy sticks

Everyone enjoys chocolate covered strawberries and I think that they are a great sweet to bring along with you.  Simple to make and very much so loved.  Make your strawberries festive by dipping the tips into red, white & blue nonpareils.  The ones I used are from Crate & Barrel

Decorate your white ware to add a bit of July 4th flare with the same nonpareils!  I always love how Amy Atlas lines her plates as well as many of us do now with decorative papers.  I have also seen a few features on the AAE blog in which the stylist has lined their plates with sugar, sprinkles and other edible decor.  I wanted to try something a bit different and not use paper due to it is warm out and not wanting the chocolate to melt onto the paper.  I also didn't want to fill the plates with nonpareils just in case a little hand were to sneak up there and make a mess.  So here my Amy Atlas Moment what I did & used to keep them in place~

Fill your Wilton bottle up with a a few tablespoons of corn syrup.  Line the edges of your plate or plates with the corn syrup, pour the nonpareils onto the plate to cover the corn syrup and pour the excess off into a bowl and use onto your next plate.  Let the plate sit a few hours to harden a bit to be sure everything will stay in place.  See the last picture, I am holding it down not one falling off! 

Serve scrumptious ice cream sandwiches made with salty & sweet chocolate chip cookies!  How do I make them salty?  Take a 3/4 of cup of crushed pretzels & potato chips and mix them into your pre -made Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough and bake as the direction state.  It is sort of a short cut to kitchen sink cookies!  If you like pretzels and ice cream you will LOVE this ice cream sandwich I promise! 

Check back later for FREE July 4th printables I created to share with everyone! 
Happy Birthday America ~ enjoy all your celebrations America and please be safe! 

Peace, Love & July 4th,


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shabby Chic Cupcakes & Tea for the Mama to Be

This past spring I had the pleasure of hosting a shower for my sister who was expecting her 2nd child but her 1st baby girl! 

Recently, the party was featured on Hostess with The Mostess, and I was so thrilled.  Click over to read all the details!  Here are the full round up of photo's from the party that I baked & styled.

{The Entry Way}

Our friends were welcomed with the side table to leave a sweet note to Steph for her baby girl.  Along with a clothes line to add their gifts to which were the cutest baby girl outfits! 

{Snacks & Cocktails}

{Lunch was Served}

Rose Petal Cupcakes inspired by Martha Stewart Weddings

Thank you again to everyone who made the day special!

A huge thank you to Jenn & the Hostess with the Mostess Team for the Feature!

Vendor Credits~

Mixed Flower Arrangments - The Garden Girls
Favor Boxes - Party Starters
Chocolate Covered Oreos - Sweeties by Kim
Macarons - Sparkles Kitchen

Peace, Love & Cupcakes & Tea,


Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the Rocks with Salt! Margarita Saturday's Pinterest Board

Summer is almost officially here, although if you live in the Northeast part of the country summer weather has been making itself present a lot! This past week here in Philadelphia, PA we set records in the high 90's & 100 degree temps.  Tonight is the perfect evening now that the temperatures have come down a bit to have a Margarita Saturday!

image via Pottery Barn
This 2 tiered serving tray from Pottery Barn is perfect for the presentation of the theme.

Two summers ago my husband and I being that we have three children began having "date nights in" on Saturday's, one of the themes is a margarita saturday date night in!  We have mararita's mafe with Freshie's all natural mix, tacos, chips & salsa all the things you would have to enjoy your cocktails! 
image via Pottery Barn
I love this extra large margarita glass from Pottery Barn
Somtimes life calls for an extra large one for sure!

Want to join the fun and have your own?  I collected an inspiration board on Pinterest for the theme!  Click over to see! 

Roasted Tomatoe Salsa image via Martha Stewart

Melon infused margarita skewers
Layla Grace now has Trina Turk fabrics by the yard!  This would be perfect to make your own placemats to brighten up your table.
I created the board with recipes from Martha Stewart and my blog, decor from Pottery Barn and Layla Grace, serving pieces from Pottery Barn and Rosanna, Inc. and many more! 

Enjoy your Saturday!  How do you like your margarita?  I am definitely on the rocks with salt!  

Peace, Love & Margarita Saturday's,


Friday, June 3, 2011

National Doughnut Day!

TGIF & National Doughnut Day!  There is history to this day I just read on the Sweet Designs Amy Atlas blog that in 1938 the Salvation Army created this for a fundraiser for the needy in Chicago.  Along with a few other cool facts, it's not just a random day someone picked.

I was just at Dunkin Donuts, received my free doughnut and pick up extra ones to make a scrumptious treat today - a doughnut ice cream sandwich!

That's right, want to make one?  Pick up old fashion cake doughnuts your favorite ice cream and treat yourself! (mine is cookies & creme ;))

Peace, Love & National Doughnut Day,