Monday, August 16, 2010

Part 1~~ The recap of the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Blogger's Night Out

I had a flash back to a moment into what I love to do best NETWORK with people face to face!  That is just one of the opportunities that Martha Stewart's company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia provide me that very hot evening on August 5th
photo via flickr

Before I tell all you the details about the evening….let me go back and give you a few facts about Martha Stewart and my life. 

~Until I was in my mid 20’s I thought that Martha Stewart had her own island “Martha’s Vineyard
~My 1st stock purchase was MSO when I was 30
~When I bought my first home I ran to the store and stocked up on MS Home and Garden mags 
~Made my 1st Christmas Dinner for my family I bought a MS Christmas mag
~Got engage bought the MS Weddings all the little details were Martha mag inspired all the way to my cupcakes, photo below. Which by the way is why I started baking….that’s another story
cupcake inspiration for my wedding photo via

~In the Present, I watch Martha Stewart On-Demand alteast 3 times a week for crafting ideas to recipes….my favorite is the bbq chicken she does with her friends to wrapping glassine paper around your glass votives for there special effects and of course all the Halloween ones~ last year my pumpkin won “best pumpkin” at my daughter’s school from what I learned from the tutorials. HA!

Martha, Martha, Martha do you say…a little, I won’t lie.  But here is the truth you know I am straight forward…..she knows what she is doing everything she does is just about perfect!  She is a very successful woman who has built an empire based on what she knows and loves and kindly shares it with the rest of us.   Hence she has become my household name as a “how too” and “what to do” for me.

Okay onto the event,  I get my tweet that I have an invitation to attend and what will be a break from my everyday life of being a wife and mother of 3 who is trying to figure out the whole social media world very quickly so I can catch up to the rest with my blog Scrumptious Swirls.  I think I was equally excited to get out and socialize, as much as whom I was going to be networking and socializing with!  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt that way~ which leads to to the next thing that I wanted to share.  My background is face to face sales which I was very successful.  The blogger social media is a great outlet for me as a stay at home mother to be working but it is still challenging because you are not really getting to know these people the same way you can when you are in person.

Bottom line is for me this was such a fantastic opportunity and that is what life is about creating opportunities for you whether it be to learn something new or better yourself.... this MSLO Blogger’s Night Out was going to give me both!!

Here we go….I got the tweet that I was invited, now the best way to get there & were was I going to sleep? 

Trans~ I decide to take the train, simply because it was just easier a quicker and relaxing…. it was perfect  1 hour train ride vs probably 3-4 hours in the car.  And 1 hour on a nice quiet train ride & no children!!!!  That was my 4th favorite thing of the trip…I love them and all but it was a nice break. 

A place to stay….so in this" nice break" I was getting I was getting a chance to go see one of my very best friends Michelle & stay at her new condo in NYC, with her and her two posh little cavalier pups who I just adore and missed.  Which also meant,  that I would have a partner to go get a cocktail or 2 after this amazing opportunity and chat about it!!? 

I arrive in Penn Station, I walk out to the street to get a taxi…HOLY cab line cupcake atleast 100 peole deep.  But again it was all good…no kids with me and I was going to the office where all the crafts, food, flowers, you name it for your daily life it all starts where I was headed the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia offices!!  So a quick call to Mom to check on the girls, and a text to my husband that I made it while I was in a cab we were there!! Here is a quick vlog I did with my Flipshare Recorder~ (such a rookie at using
Let the fun and meeting people begin!!!  I actually got nervous for a second but it didn’t last because the moment I walk through the doors I notice Jay of Maples Cakes from Nashville, TN.  I immediately introduced myself, and what a favor I did for myself.  His was so nice and with his southern charm I forgot about how nervous I was, thank you JAY!!!  Next we moved up the stairs we were one of the first groups up to the event. 

Through the offices we walked and as soon as we turned the corner the one and only Martha Stewart herself in person!  There was such a buzz around her as she was enjoying all the wedding displays.  Then she moved into the main room and I was right behind her and I saw a chance to introduce myself and ask for a photo.  The whole way up I said to myself if I get a chance I am going to ask Martha her favorite and most favorite butter creams, so as I was say hello and she acknowledge and agreed to a photo it slipped out of my mind! 

Martha & I~ such an honor!  
It is all good that the words slipped my mind because she said everything that I had wanted to hear….she told me that she loved the name “Scrumptious Swirls”.  I almost fell over when she said it, because a handful of people can’t say the name and have mentioned it to me.  But now I have validation from Martha Stewart that it is a great name!

Myself, Martha & Jay of Maples Cakes

That is all I have time for right now!    I will share all my other fun stories on Wednesday…..I got a last minute invite to the beach for two days with my girls so I am off to catch some waves down the shore, along with salt water taffy, Johnson’s popcorn & Voltaco’s sandwiches!  You will want to read Wednesday’s post with all the fabulous party girls I got to meet in person. 

Peace, Love & Martha~



  1. It was an awesome event and great meeting you in person;o)

  2. loved your recap. Can't wait for the next installment!

  3. What a great opportunity...Martha Stewart!! You are so lucky :)

  4. Wow I am wishing for a jealous text! Love the way you write-feels like I have a clear idea of your personality! Fun and excitable and happy! Am I right?

    ps <3 Martha too! please who doesn't?!?!...they lie :)