Thursday, March 11, 2010

About Scrumptious Swirls


  1. The Scrumptious Swirls blog brings you everyday baking creations by me, tips, how to's, a laugh here and there and special features of parties I adore and think you may too. Things that are crafty for you to do while entertaining or just spending time with your children and family. I want to help your world of entertaining be a little bit easier & fun too! You will be inspired if you follow along!

    I had a business career in mortgage lending for over 12 years. Before my career ended when we were all laid off, I was a Regional VP of Sales covering 4 states and managing 54 people at one time. Before that I was an account executive for that same company and I was one of the top sales people in the country. In my state I was ranked at the top above my competition. I thrive on being the best and doing the best that I can!

    I was always a cook and I learned that from my grandmother & father, both were absolutely fabulous cooks! My grandmother would always bake, she was famous for her cherry berry peach pie in the summer months. Being a stay at home Mom I was always cooking and loving what I was cooking and eating it too much I thought! So in needing a challenge and put to better use the right side (creative side) of my brain while I was home with my 3 girls I decided to take up cake, cupcake & cookie decorating and baking, it was my middle child's 1st birthday.

    Here I am 2 years later, loving what I do being creative for my family and friends!! I love to give back to my community, I often cake for charity events. I often get compliments that my baking is the best they ever tasted. For my cakes I like them to be somewhere in between a cake and a pound cake and I figured out how to do it! Also, my buttercreams, I will never forget my first buttercream is was so perfect. I have now even made it more perfect, I love blending flavors and creating ones you typically can not find, and if you can they will not taste like anything other. I get a lot of ideas and combinations out of the "Flavor Bible". That is any cooks or bakers must have!!

    Bottom line, I feel as though if I can bake anyone can bake! It does take a bit of patience at first but it is sort of like being in my garden for own little world that get into on my own to create & maintain it. In the end everyone gets to enjoy! Which is means a lot to me!!

    I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and please be sure to follow!


  2. Stacy,
    I am planning a baby shower for my daughter in law and am thinking of the "make way for duckling" theme and you had made egg shaped cookies for one and was wondering what creative things you can do. My date will be April 2, 2016 in Boston, MA..