Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!! Ring in Twenty Eleven!

It is almost time for the ball to drop and get ready for a fun filled night tomorrow!  
Here is a Freebie 8x11 printable I am able to share with you!  Thanks to Jane Piotrowski of The Garden Girls who created this graphic upon my request!

Enjoy and be safe!  Love to all and I am very very excited for a fantastic Twenty Eleven!!  

Please feel free to share this image and link up to my blog.  Right click to save it to print.   Let me know you are a follower and LIKE my fan page on Face Book along with The Garden Girls!  Let us know you were there!  Thank you again!  

Love, Peace & Ring in Twenty Eleven~



  1. That is such an adorable take on that sign! Happy New Year!

  2. Sah-Weet! Happy new year sistah! kiss kiss =)

  3. Hey thanks Stacy! It looks great. I was excited to do it for you!
    Happy new year!!!

  4. Happy New Years girls! Talk to you in 2k11!! Peace xoxoxo