Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cupcake Runway {Tween Inspired Birthday Party}

What a fun & scrumptious birthday party my 11 year old daughter Haley & 26 of her friends had a last month!
Here are all the photos& details from "Cupcake Runway" ~ a mix of the reality shows "Cupcake Wars & Project Runway".  The girls absolutely had a fantastic time!

I need to pay a HUGE thank you to Michele of Michele Hand Photography.  She did an amazing job at capturing so many candid photo's of the girls!

Enjoy & any questions let me know!  These photos are property of Scrumptious Swirls, if you would like a copy of any please email me!  I'd be happy to send it to you.  Thank you!
The Invite- I love the color combo we used....Fuchsia, Navy & Lilac~
Here we go!  The party was from 2pm - 5pm so we had snacks bags of popcorn & soft pretzels, along with a candy bar. Both water & fruit punch with fun & super cute paper straws that I absolutely love~
The striped paper bags & paper straws were from one of my favorite Etsy shops Fort & Field.  I just adore the simplicity of the things she sells in her shop!  The other bags I got at Michaels and used one of  Martha Stewart's Craft Punches around the edges.

The birthday girl~ 
We played a few games~
The Marshmallow Game  
(Put one marshmallow at a time in your mouth and say "fuzzy bunny")  
All of the girls laughed so hard playing, it was great to see & hear! 
And a little volleyball in the backyard

What is Cupcake Runway you ask?  
The girls were the designers & the cupcakes were their model forms. When they entered the "Workroom" they "Piped it Posh" with the icing bags with 2 different style tips & the toppings.  Then they needed to "Make it Work" with the Posh cupcake wrappers from the one & only Bella Cupcake Couture.  We broke up the groups evenly and had the girls come to the workroom where I would demonstrate how to pipe the icing.....and the rest was up to them!!

While the designers were hard at work creating...the others were playing outdoors having fun!

When the designers completed their projects, they placed them on the runway.  I had slips of paper with their names for them to put their finished cupcake on until the time of judging. 

Pretty good right!?  These fine girls are our future cupcake designers for sure!  They piped them posh and neatly I might add!  (Which was an added perk of what could have been a total mess!  Because their cupcakes were being judged they kept the area and their cupcakes nice and neat ;)

From there 4 random judges were chosen with another game we played.  We shuffled around the cupcakes for the judges to be extra fair for the designers and they were not allowed to pick their own.  

There were 4 winners!  All which were displayed on the darling cupcake stands from Hello Hanna!  

Super Posh & Fabulous cupcake designing if I don't say so myself (maybe it was their super cool instructor...LOL totally kidding!) And BTW it is not too cool to say "super cool" I found out ;)

From there it was nothing but PEACE, LOVE & SWEETS~ 
For dessert they each enjoyed their cupcakes OFCOURSE!!!! Along with chocolate covered pretzels & birthday cake made by me, doughnuts & chocolate covered oreos!
Haley Rose! 

Last but not least!!!! My 11 yr old and her fabulous friends were all hero's for this party!  
Each guest brought books to donate to the organization Project Night Night.  We found this wonderful organization through my darling friends at the Children's Party Network.  That day we received 42 brand new books to donate for the totes they make for homeless children across the country in shelters.  Thank you both to Project Night Night and CPN for making this part of the party the Icing on the Cupcake!!  

Speaking of Project Night Night, when planning my party I had asked the Kristy of The Posh Pixel Design Studio to create custom labels & cupcake toppers for the party.  I decided to cut back on costs so that we could donate & purchase additional tote bags for the homeless children.  One of the costs were the labels so in lieu of I did donate a tote in Posh Pixels name to Project Night Night ;) 
Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures! 

Peace, Love & Tweens!!



  1. The cake bunting turned out adorable, Stacy! I'm glad you could use it!

  2. This theme is wonderful! Perfect for tweens!