Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cocktails & Cookie Exchange Party Part 1 { New Rules}

Have you ever hosted one?  Or thinking to host one this season?
photo via Martha Stewart website

I hosted one last year for the 1st time, it was interesting in many aspects of the party.  From the invite, to setting "rules", to the rsvp's and then the actual event.

The first thing I did was read up on the web of what to do and how to host one.  I set a date, made a list of rules and set out an evite to all the quests.
The title was "Cookies & Cocktails" it was on a Sunday afternoon, 2 weeks prior to Christmas, perfect time for the girls to get together & relax in the middle of the holidays.  

These were my guidelines that were sent out with the invite:

Please bring a platter or basket to present your creative!
The cookies must be baked or bought from a bakery (there is a good reason, I'm not trying to be bossy ;))
The 4 dozen can be split between 2 recipes
Bring a container to take your new cookies home

Please RSVP with your cookie recipes that you will be bringing so we did not get multiple cookies.  

Pretty much what is out there that everyone does, not so hard right???  Wrong........................!  

What I got was 12 rsvp's and only 4 of my friends brought cookies.  When I was getting RSVP's people weren't too sure what they wanted to bake.  Then on the actual day one person brought burnt cookies, another person showed up at the end with her cookies after they were exchanged, just to mention a few.  People did bring containers, and the cookies were set up on platters but to me it still wasn't coordinated as I thought it be. I'm sure if I asked everyone could state something they would do differently after hosting one.  

So I learned a few things from hosting my first one to say the least.  I have not given up hope on these wonderful parties that are hosted so much around this time of the year.  BUT I have & will make a few changes to the guidelines.  
Updated guidelines~

Please rsvp as soon as possible.  I am providing the recipes for the yummy cookies & you can choose what cookie you would like to bake & bring!  But 1st come first serve so please email as soon as possible!   The recipes are not too hard and are very yummy cookies that you will enjoy.

Please bring your 4 dozen cookies in a container, upon arriving please place them in the treat bags(that I will provide) by the dozen.  Please attach the custom cookie label to the bag (provided) and place them on the table for the cookie exchange.  

There will be a chocolate chip cookie recipe, honestly if you can bring a snicker doodle cookies, chocolate chips are better in my opinion and who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch!   But if you do get this cookie, it must be from scratch.  No break and bakes are tollhouse logs.  

Please make sure that the cookies are from scratch.  If you burn your cookies or can not bake the cookies you are assigned PLEASE find a bakery to buy your cookies.  Of the 8 recipes all but 1 can be bought freshly baked from bakeries.  

Please be serious!  Cookie baking is ALOT of work but FUN and the end result is a scrumptious treat and no holiday is complete without cookies!!  You will go home with 4 dozen different cookies to enjoy.  

We need at least 8 people for this to be successful....but of course the more the merrier & we can add a few more cookie recipes if we get more to attend.  
What do you think of the new guidelines??  

I have a very good feeling that it will work this time!  

Here is the good part!  All this week starting tomorrow I am going to share all 8 recipes with you along with Free cookie printables for you to give as gifts or for you to use at a cookie exchange!  

Check back every day!  Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear!  

Love, Peace & Christmas Cookies~ 



  1. I hosted one last year and there were 9 guests that RSVPd and they all brought cookies. I had asked for the recipes to be emailed to me ahead of time so I could make a little booklet but not everyone followed that part. Those that didn't email did bring copies of their recipe but were out of place in the booklets since they were different sizes. It was fun, we sampled each cookie and voted for the favorite (peanut butter balls by a landslide). Then we sat around the firepit outside with warm drinks. Before everyone went home they filled up their platters with cookies. I'm hosting a brunch this year but would do the cookies again. Good luck with your next one!

  2. I like your idea of having everyone bag up the cookies when they arrive. I hosted one last year and did not have problems with people bringing the required number of cookies, but I did have problems with everyone taking home the number of cookies they were supposed to! I was stuck with a TON of cookies!! Good luck with you one this year - I'd be interested to hear how the new rules worked out.