Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Recipe} Apple Caramel Buttercream~ Happy Fall!!

Apple Caramel Buttercream spice cupcake
by Scrumptious Swirls
This is a perfect recipe for the start of Fall!!  I made this recipe two different ways~ first way I picked up some fresh apple cider from a local farm.  I live in the suburbs on Philadelphia and we have an excellent farm right up the street which is such a pleasure to have.  I took a cup of apple cider and boiled it down to achieve a syrup to add to the buttercream along with a few other things.   It tasted a bit different than the recipe below but both so scrumptious.  This recipe with the apple butter is very and I know you will enjoy it!

This is what you need~

Apple Butter (I used Musselman's)
6 Caramel pieces
Batch of Buttercream (my recipe click here)
Wooden Popsicle Stick

After you have made you basic buttercream~ (recipe link)

You want to add 2 tablespoons to start of Apple Butter and mix it on medium with your buttercream
Taste it~ if you want to add more applebutter add 1 tablespoon at a time and mix again

When you have reached the desired flavor of your apple buttercream you need to melt your caramel.
Place 6 pieces of caramel in a glass measuring cup to melt in the microwave
Melt it in 30 sec intervals at 50% power ~ stir with your popsicle stick in between (it makes for an easier clean up with the caramel~ toss it instead of soaking and scrubbing a utensil)
When it is all melted quickly add it to your buttercream and mixed on medium or high until blended

You have to get it in the buttercream and mix it quickly because it will harden. When you mix it you will get little chunks of caramel throughout your buttercream!  That is the other super scrumptious thing about this recipe~ candy, icing & cupcake??  Hello!  So good~

Now you have Apple Caramel Buttercream!!

So I will tell you it is hard to pipe it on the cupcake pretty, so I just use a little spatula to spread it~ 
but it really doesn't matter because it is so good.  By far one of the best I have made so far!  

I hope you enjoy and it if you have any questions or comments please let me know!  I would love to hear~

Peace, Love & Buttercream~



  1. OH MY GOSH! This sounds like heaven!! I am drooling just thinking about it!!

  2. This sounds AMAZING - can't wait to make some and try it!

  3. Came over from A Few of My Favorite Things... this sounds delicious. I will definitely have to try it!

  4. This looks delicious! Can't wait to try out the recipe!

  5. Heard you on the Martha Stewart Channel last week and just had to do a search and find this recipe. I am going to give it a try this week. Yum!!

  6. Thanks Mandi...LOL!! Too funny...let me know if you make it!! I will be posting a new recipe each week...maybe more on some weeks!!

    Thanks so much for searching!!

  7. I made this buttercreme last night and it was sooooo good!! And so easy! I don't think I will ever use another frosting. EVER! It took a ton of self control to ice the cupcakes I made instead of just sitting down with the bowl of buttercreme and a spoon. Thanks for sharing. I plan to link to this post later this week. This is a keeper, for sure!