Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY Games for the Apple Party

A quick post on the games we played at the "Apple" party.   It is easy to figure out some games and things to do for older children's parties for example, last year at my daughter 10th birthday party we did a chocolate fondue, played the toilet paper game, rate G truth or dare and the commercial game.  But for 2-3 year olds it is hard to come up some friendly games for them to play.  At least that is my opinion, and I am not into hiring a clown to make balloons and painting their faces.  So what did we do or Emma's apple party??

After thinking for a bit and searching around to keep with theme we had and "Apple Hunt" and played "Put the Apple in the Tree" (my apple version of pin the tail on the donkey ;)).  Fun & Easy!!

Here is what I made and we used~ a barrel full of Apple Yarn Balls

Cute little styrofoam balls that I wrapped in yarn to make yarn apples ;)!!

Where did I get the idea???  From Stephanie from Couture Parties she has so many cute, creative & crafty ideas for children's parties.  If you look at her blog and website, some of her most recent features she had balls of yarn as decor at her son's birthday party which was featured here on the Hostess with the Mostess blog and the recent article she contributed here in the magazine Eco Magazine .

Sorry I don't photos of the children playing I couldn't play and photograph at the same time :)!

What are other young children friendly games that are out there to play at parties?  I would love to hear!!

Love, Peace & Yarn Apples~



  1. You really have such an adorable blog with fantastic ideas!!

  2. Aww thanks Danielle!! I appreciate it ;)

  3. So glad I inspired you! Sounds like a fantastic game!!

  4. Totally adorable party, Stacy, and I can't think of a better game for fall! -Carrie

  5. Thank you both!! It was so fun and simple! Sent them into my daughters preschool class so they get more use!!