Monday, September 20, 2010

{New Post} Apple Birthday Party

First I would like to start off by wishing my Emma Mae a Happy 3rd Birthday!  We celebrated her birthday with an apple theme.  Why apples do you ask? A few reasons....I love baking things with apples and with the Fall season beginning this week the apple season in the northeast east is in full swing!  So my choices were fresh and plentiful!  My Emma loves apples and she reminds me of an apple....she is sweet and is a very colorful child in so many ways.  Which you get with apples so many different variations of them and each one no matter what is so good!!

It was a wonderful little celebration and scrumptious to say the least!  I hope you find inspiration within this post for your child or upcoming party and perfect for any party you are hosting this Fall!

I made the bunting on my computer and I made mini poms to hang in the tree with bakers twine.  Speaking of have you heard or know of The Twinery?  They offer so many great colors & it is perfect for crafting and hanging things like I did above!  I used it on my cake plate too~ see below

Cakes, Cupcakes & Apple Toffee Tarts~

Apple Caramel Buttercream Cupcakes!!! Come back Wednesday for the Recipe.  By far the best buttercream I have created thus far and my new favorite! 

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Ruffle Cake with what were to be tempered chocolate ruffles.
 I will not lie it did not work for me......honestly I think it was too humid in my kitchen the day I did it.  And at that points I could go and add more icing ruffles because because I would have to make new green and you will never get the same color with coloring buttercream.  So I just chopped it up more and layered it on top with some fondant apples.  And what happen to my pretty ruffles you might ask?  Well, lol with totally disregarding everything that I have read from Amy Atlas about buttercream and outdoor elements the sun was hitting it for about 10 mins and they started to fall!  Thank goodness it was my 3 years olds cake ;)....and I learned my lesson for sure ;)
White Cake with Apple Buttercream covered and decorated with Satin Ice Fondant.  
This cake is one of my favorites that I have made so Emma!  Do you like the stand it is on?? I bought everything at Michaels then my 11 year old painted the letters and I glue her name and apples on it to create a personalized cake plate!

Apple Toffee Tartlettes recipe via Better Homes & Gardens.  So delicious, everyone should bake them!! 

More apple friendly snacks everyone enjoys!  Gingersnap cookies, pretzels & all natural apple juice!

And what are the super fun cones filled with caramel corn in the picture??  They are custom made Kandy Kones from the one and only SuperChick from Celebrate TODAY...the SuperChick Way!  Perfect for any party on the link above to check out her new etsy shop.

And the whole table put together~ 

The birthday girl & her table~ 

and her cake~ 

Did I ever mention how I adore the age Emma just turned?  Three & four are my favorite ages for me!  They are so exciting, they can communicate, they listen (well mine does) they understand their birthdays for sure!  How do I know that?  It was like Christmas morning for her yesterday she had us all up at 6:30 and she was looking for her cupcakes to eat right then and there because it was finally HER birthday!!  LOL...Cupcake Cheers to my little favorite 3 year old!  

Love, Peace & Apples,



  1. ~ GOR~GEOUS!!! Awesome theme, super creative! You knocked this party right out of the orchard!!! lmao Omg... I totally crack myself up!!! ;-)

  2. This is cute!!!!

    Genevieve... you are so crazy! I LOVE U!

  3. You have too much fun girlfriend....All my laughs today are accredited to you! ;)