Friday, July 16, 2010

{A little late in the season}~ Grad Party Sweetscape with Ice Cream Bar

I know it's a little out of the grad season but I wanted to share this fun 8th grade graduation dessert table I put together for 3 very fab grads in June!! 

The theme was black & white and the 3 grads invited all of their friends for lots of sweets & dancing at MaGerks Pub & Grill.  I suggested the teal blue color which they loved.   The color really tied everything together and made the table pop in the restaurant. 

We had lots of cupcakes with scrumptious buttercreams which were an espresso mocha buttercream, white chocolate raspberry buttercream and a vanilla bean.  The cake topper in the shape of a grad hat was a red velvet with cream cheese buttercream.  All this went next to the ice cream sundae bar, and who knew when the grads decided that they wanted a sundae bar for their party that it would be the main theme to have at your parties this summer.   Thanks to the infamous Amy Atlas & our local celebrity Kelly Ripa!!  If you read Amy Atlas' blog post when she worked with Kelly everything she said about how friendly and kind she is is so true!  A few years ago when Kelly hosted the Thanksgiving Day parade in Philly our rooms were next to each other at the Four Seasons.  We ended up waiting & riding the elevator a few times together, she always struck up a conversation and was so super friendly!  Anyway...back to the fab grad party! 

Here are the photo's

Here we go....
Red Velvet cake cupcake topper with espresso mocha chocolate buttercream on chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  I had to make my own party labels and signs because I didn't have much time to contact any of the creative and talented party gals who created custom orders.  I made the best of it!  I am NOT a computer graphic person by any means and I give props to the woman out there who do such a great job! 
I really did like the sayings I came up with for the 8th grade grads party circles "Dream It" & "Achieve It",
I found the themed paper that I lined the plates with at Michael's, lining your plates with paper makes a huge difference in the presentation and it is so simple!

As for the ice cream sundae bar the grads chose their toppings.  {Tip for choosing toppings} I am glad the Mom's decide no sauces due do that they was over 120 13 & 14 year olds invited and they foresaw a huge mess.  They were right because one of the boys grabbed a handful of cherries and knocked the whole bowl over and the cherry juice was all over the tablecloth.  We had limited space because of the amount of people that is why both displays were on the one table.  Next time, I will use or suggest separate table for the sundae bar, anda plastic table cover!  In the end they all had a blast with it and there were only crumbs left....and that is the most important thing!!



If you notice the labels, again I had to do them in word and then I had found a Friskar template at Michael's that I used for the bracket cut outs.  I wasn't there at the time this was served but I suggested pre-scooping the vanilla and chocolate ice cream neatly into the serving bowls a bit before dessert time.  Then put the serving bowls in the freezer until it was time to serve.  Made it easier for everyone!  And it looked cute too :)

One last thing if you take a look at the spoon container, it is a chinese food take out container, which you can find at most party stores.  I always use these for so many different things, from serving salads at parties, gifts for friends or simply when I need something to hold a pack of crayons when the box breaks apart.  If you use it to serve the utensils ever, fold the tabs inside the box and take double sided tape to help them stay! 

So there you have it!  3 Fab Grads & their ice cream sundae bar cupcake sweetscape~

Now off to start setting the table for my shabby vintage "anniversary dinner & desserts for 2" this weekend~

Peace, Love & TGIF,


  1. Beautiful display!!

    Carrie from Bella Cupcake Couture

  2. Thank you Carrie! I can't wait to do a table with your couture wraps~