Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Backdrop fabric boards for party tables

I have had people asking me what I use for the backdrop covered in fabric that go behind the dessert tables so I thought I would take a minute and give details on what I do for mine~

I purchased a blank art canvas from Michael's the one I have is a 48 x 36, it was great to because I used a 40% off coupon I had for the week so I only paid $30-$35 for it.  I thought about getting a board from home depot but with the canvas it is nice and light very easy to store & transport too!
I then go to Jo Ann fabrics and pick out fabric according to my theme. 
(TIP for fabric with a pattern~ you need to be careful make sure you have the measurements for the board because of the repeat in the fabric.  Also be sure it will cover the full height of the board.)  Tell the fabric cutter the measurement of your board and they can help you if you are unsure if the fabric will work.

When I get home I iron the fabric then I take the fabric and board and begin from the top to tack the fabric. I go across the top then fold over the two corners and tighten like so....

Next I turn it onto its side and tack it to the is almost like wrapping a present.  When I get to the 2nd side is when I pull it tight, then I go to the corners and the 1st side and re-tighten accordingly.

Next turn it around so the bottom is up to tack the 4th side.  After you get it all done you may want to adjust some of the fabric and the tacks so that the fabric is smooth across the front. 

And there you have it!  A fabric backdrop which is easy and inexpensive.  You can have lots of fun with all the different fabrics and use the fabric for inspiration for your dessert tables! 

I hope this helps some party girls out there! 



  1. YOU STAR!!!

    All I need now is get me one of them frames....

    Thank you!!!

  2. I have been getting so many of these questions too from readers. great demo!

  3. Love it! I think it makes such a difference especially when you are indoors!
    Please feel free to share ;)
    Thank you both!

  4. Such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing and reminding us about those 40% off coupons :-)