Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Invitation Design Contest

While I am busy getting ready to celebrate my own birthday this week, I wanted to share a contest that just came to my inbox from Invitation Consultants that I think some of you should submit your designs too! 

I believe that the invitation sets the tone for your party!  In fact, I think that it is just as important as your menu & decor.

 Please go and check it out those of you who are very creative with your fabulous invite designs!  I follow some very creative and fabulous women out there, those that come immediately to mind are;  The TomKat Studio, Party Box Design, Icing Designs, Bird Crafts, and A Blissful Nest just to name a few.  So if you are a creative invitation designer please follow this link at Invitation Consultants and submit your work!  I LOVE when others get the opportunity to share their work with others to be recognized for following what they are passionate about!  Good luck to all and thank you for making the hostess's jobs a bit easier with your creativity! 


  1. wow, thanks so much for your kind words and mentioning me with all these fab women!

  2. Stacy!!

    You are so kind and generous!!
    Thanks for the shout out, I'm heading over to check it out!!

    Oh, and I can't wait to see your party!!
    You can also link up any other at the mo over at my linky until Friday!

    All my love,

  3. Haha it's open to US only! As I live in France...

    Next time, huh? :)

    Thanks anyways! You rock!!

  4. Thanks for the link! I'll go check it out!