Monday, July 12, 2010

A different kind of Ice Cream Sandwich

appy Monday!  So last week was my birthday, and here in the Philadelphia burbs it was so hot....on my actual birthday July 7th it reached 103 degrees!  There was no way anyone was turning on the oven in my house but we had to sing Happy Birthday to me but of course!!! 

So this is what we had~ Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches!  They are ridiculously so good, that I have to share with you because I want everyone to try.  It is just perfect and just in time with ice cream being the rage and thing to have this summer.

So hurry up and run out to your local doughnut shop and pick up plain cake doughnuts.   I got ours at the Dunkin Donuts~ they call them "Old Fashions".  Then pick up your favorite flavored ice cream; mine is cookies and cream put them together and enjoy!! 

If you try it please let me know what you think!  I thought it was so tasty, fun and easy!

Peace, Love & Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches~

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