Monday, July 23, 2012

Party Kits on by Darcy Miller

Today you HAVE-TO click over to see something fun & exciting for the party world on  Especially if you are a Mom who loves to be creative and clever when hosting a themed party but desires one stop shopping for everything you need to pull your party together!

Today on, the one & only Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings has curated a fun and bright Daisy party that is a must see!  I had the opportunity to speak with Darcy about this collection and party, she gave me tips and advice to share with you for hosting this or any party.

I will say the conversation was such an honor and in the end it was sweet to realize so many similar things her and I do as Mom's for our 3 girls to make birthdays and celebrations special.  One of the questions that I asked Darcy was how many details are too many details?  If you see in the photos and inspiration boards there are so many details. First, they are very easy to execute most especially if you purchase the Daisy party starter kits, and everything else is on and you have yourself a Daisy Party just like the one Darcy hosted for her daughter Daisy!

Darcy answered the question of how many details are too many and simply the answer is "you do what fits", it is all about the process of getting the party together, whether it be your kids punching out or cutting printables to your bridesmaids deciding what to have and what to get for your shower!   Here with launch of a party put together by Darcy Miller it isn't a question of searching around the internet of what details and products to style your party, it is all at one place put together by the best of the best when it comes to celebrations!

Here are a few pictures of the Daisy party!  Click here for more.  Check back later today for more details of my conversation with Darcy about entertaining and up-cycling ideas for your party products.

Peace, Love & Daisy parties!

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