Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter DIY Flower Arrangements

We love the meaning of  Easter & Spring in our house!  Here are a few arrangements that I made last year to bring signs of spring and new life into the house.  All the flowers are bought from our local market, saves me lots of money that's for sure! 

Above I have a bunch of daffodils & tulips in a smaller cylinder vase that is inside the larger hurricane.   Around the base you can see the paper grass, jelly beans & peeps to add to the decor.  Easy & Simple! 

 This arrangement again all store bought bunches of flowers that I arranged for the center of our breakfast  table.  Just  love the colors!  If you have patience and some time,  (it's actually a bit of a stress reliever for  me) you to can make this arrangement and maybe even better! 
This one I planted a hyacinth and topped it off with some bright green moss.  After Easter, these girls headed out to the garden.  The filler lasted all summer!  The hyacinth is about to bloom again any day!  

I look forward to sharing more Easter flower inspiration with you soon.  Don't forget about this flower arrangement recipe ~ Perfect!  

Peace, Love & Spring Flowers~



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