Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Guest Post} DIY Easter Flower Arrangement Recipe

Happy Wednesday!  Have you seen the beautiful and refreshing spring flower arrangements in my last two Easter posts?  Today, Jane is here to tell us how to re-create it with step by step instructions with pictures so that we all can be creative with flowers!  I honestly every Friday head out to the store and/or my local farm to pick up fresh flowers and make pretty arrangements for my family to enjoy!  This tutorial will definitely help me in taking my arrangements to the next level.  

Let me introduce you to Jane from The Garden Girls~ I have known Jane all my life ;) she is my Aunt.  Creativity definitely runs in our family and I am happy that she can be here today!  Make sure you stop by their Facebook page and look at all the other things that she has created.  From artwork to floral arrangements you will be sure glad that you did!  Jane and her dear friend Janice are The Garden Girls and the arrangements they create are very impressive! 

Take it away Jane let us know how it is done!  

To me, Easter is the celebration of re-birth.  During this season the garden awakens from the cold days bringing vibrant tulips and the sunshine of the daffodils!   It is quite spectacular when planted in large clusters.

Arrangement #1 – Tulips and daffodils

In this arrangement after buying my flowers from our local shop, I gathered new blossoms from the Variegated Willow and Gold Splash Euonymus (the evergreen) that grow in our garden. It’s a lovely texture to add to any arrangement. Take a walk and see what you can find, Cherry Blossoms are also very pretty.  If you can not find these to re-create this arrangement, look for any flexible type branch for the Willow and some type of evergreen for the Gold Splash Euonymus

Here is the recipe for this arrangement: 

Flowers/materials used~

(The following you can get a Michael's or most any craft stores)

8” high oblong glass vase
Bindwire – by Oasis Floral Products
Reindeer Moss (bright green)
Glue Gun/3 sticks

5 Pink Tulips
5 Yellow/Pink blend tulip
5 Purple Tulips
5 Pink Stock
8 daffodils (medium flower)
2 Willow branches  - 18” long – single branch
2 Euonymus cuttings ( 8”)

  First clean off all of your stems.     
Start with the “Stock” and crisscross forming a “frog” type base.
I find it easier to use one with the four corners.
Then start with your tulips … I like working my way into the middle.
Always remember … like a cake, keep turning the vase so that there is interest on all 4-sides. 
Lastly, fill in with your evergreen. 

Forming the Willow interest in the middle.. take one branch and meet at the end and do the same with the other branch. Holding crisscross… wrap the wires crisscross to hold shape.

Attaching Moss and decorative ties….
Using the hot glue gun (work quickly, the glue will dry fast on glass. If you make a mistake it peels right off. (Important note: I would not recommend this on any good crystal vase or pottery, it may crack it.) Add your moss to the edge as shown.

The wire tie –
Triple up 24” pieces, twist and form shape and secure off. Twist away. This is a fun natural product that The Garden Girls love to use all the time.

There you have it! Please don’t be intimidated by flowers. Mother Nature is very forgiving when arranging, enjoy yourself and have fun creating!  

Happy Easter from The Garden Girls!

Thanks again Jane!  We hope you take a little time to create pretty Easter arrangements for yourself or to give as a hostess gift!  

We'd love to hear if you give it a try. Again feel free to head over to The Gardens Girls Facebook page, any questions let her know!  

Peace, Love & DIY Flower Arrangements,



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