Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rudolf For a CURE!

As Santa says to Rudolph~ Rudolph with your nose so bright won't you guide my sleigh tonight, am asking "Rudolph with your nose so PINK won't you give us a CURE tonight?!" As I was baking cookies today decided I would make a cookie to promote the CURE during Christmas!  

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 our old friend Lisa Giardetti Schmalbach passed away after a two year battle of breast cancer at the young age of 38 years old.  Her fight against this devil was so notable & her cause for fighting so hard, her 2 young boys of 13 & 10 is something that I will never forget as long as I live.  I feel very fortunate enough to have reconnected with Lisa this past year.   She gave me some of the most powerful and memorable life advice that will vowel to do my best to live by for as long as i live.  She touched so many and we were all privileged to be apart of her journey because of Lisa's best friend Kris, and she provided me with yet another life lesson in all of this.  Kris has to be one of the most loyal & inspiring friends that have ever witnessed.  You couldn't even write a book to describe the passion and support that she gave to Lisa. Both extraordinary woman that I am proud to be acquainted for so many wonderful reasons, I do wish that I had reconnected with them both sooner.  My heart breaks for Kris having lost her best friend at such a young age, along with the heaviest heart for Lisa's boys and family.  

In addition to Lisa, another one of our friends was diagnosed this year with breast cancer and has forged forward through her battle like none that I have ever seen.  She is doing amazing and has through her journey, has had such courage and grace to fight as well is honorable.  They both are a remarkable inspiration to us all we are blessed to have them in our lives. 

With that, please pray for our Lord to gift someone the graces to find a cure for this awful dicease.  Perhaps Santa & Jesus can add it to someones presents under their tree.  It's here the cure I know it, we need to pray harder for it.  Seeing & believing this holiday season is the new black ;)  therefore here is my Rudolf and his new look~  a pink nose & black antlers!

For Lisa, Jen & all the people that are effected by this devil we know as cancer. God Bless!

To read more of Lisa's story you can find read here~


  1. Cute! I am taking a cake decorating class at the end of this month and we're supposed to learn how to decorate cookies also! I'm so excited! Yours are so cute!

  2. Thank you both & have fun at your class!