Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Sweets DIY Banner

Merry Merry!  That has been jingling in my head since attending the Starbucks Holiday Party designed by Hostess with the Mostess last month.

With that being said I had the opportunity to create things for an island in a kitchen last weekend for The Garden Girls at one of the homes on the Chestnut Hill Holiday House Tour and used the theme "Merry Sweets".  
I, like many others try to do lots of DIY for Christmas decor.

I want to share with you a quick tutorial on the glitter banner I made.   If you know me I always tend to use Martha Stewart brand for crafting.  find that from paint to stickers and ribbon the quality of the product is better then most.  This month in the Martha Stewart Living magazine they had great coupons to buy her paints and crafts from Michaels and I took advantage with the savings can't wait to share out project with the paints I bought! !  

Here is what you need~ burlap from a fabric store to cut triangles with, glitter glue, glitter and letters.  bought my letters at Michaels for $1.00, ribbon, jingle bells & a glue gun.  

The letters I bought were pre-made glittered. 
Take one letter and triangle at a time 
paint the back of the letter with glue and press it onto a burlap triangle.

Hold the triangle over a bowl and pour the glitter onto the glue
 and shake off the access.  
Let the glitter dry.  
To assemble, I used a pencil to make little holes in the burlap and 
used thin ribbon to secure the 2 together.  Then tied two more pieces to that ribbon.  

Here's a cute photo of my 2 year old getting caught trying to sneak a candy cane when i was taking photo's of the banner.  She is so cute, love to see her little hand pop into a picture!

Merry Merry!  More to come soon with the Merry Sweets island later this week!  

Peace, Love & Merry Sweets,