Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Inspiration {Part 3}

I am sure you are getting everything together for Easter this weekend!  Last week I shared with you flowers & table setting & decor inspiration for Easter.  Today~ the scrumptious part!  Food!  There are many different types of food that are traditional to serve at Easter and actual symbolize different signs from with in the Christian beliefs.  I found this article to be interesting, if you wish take a click over and read some of the different meanings for the food.  

We wanted to put together something easy & inspirational for you to re-create or add to your Easter celebration and decor by putting these tables together for you!  

Using all your pretty cake stands to serve your treats to celebrate! 
Deviled eggs garnished with thyme, parsley & pansies
 in the back a red potatoes, green onion, mushroom egg frittata

Scrumptious banana cream pie garnished with pansies

Hot Cross Buns

Get extra use out of your glass dome from your cake plate. 
Adding character to your table by using it to cover another food.

Stack mini pancakes secure with a tooth pick pour syrup and place a strawberry on top.  
I was inspired to do this from a photo I saw on Pinterest. 

Everything Chocolate on Easter after a long 6 weeks of not having it!  
Mini Chocolate cupcakes top with fondant circles 
& party circles from Fresh Chick Studio

Add simple decorated eggs around the table

Fill a bowl with decorated sugar cookies & chocolate eggs for your guests

Pot pretty spring flowers!  Top them off with moss to cover the soil

Use pretty cloth napkins and align them down your table to create a table runner

There you have it!  I will be sharing 2 recipes this week for Easter!  
I sure hope you come back.  Don't forget about my first two posts of Easter Inspiration!  

I certainly enjoyed styling this inspiration shoot with Jane from The Garden Girls
 We hope you enjoy it! 

Peace, Love & Easter Celebrations,



  1. Beautiful presentations ! I'm in between whether to use my pink and green depression dishes, or all white with fresh lilacs!! I know either one will be great - nice to have such 'problems' to ponder :)

  2. Thank you Brenda! I am actually going to use on Sunday my vintage jadeite I recently collected! And yes such worries we hostess' have sometimes!