Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashionable Cake

So this week has been busy busy to say the least!  I am working quickly to get the etsy shop up with fondant pieces to accessorize your store bought & homemade cakes along with other sweet & creative things!

I have been doing utilizing this idea since last summer when we were on vacation and I needed a cake for my husbands birthday and I knew I would not be able to bake one myself.  I did know that I would be able to make fondant pieces prior to leaving on vacation to take with me to decorate a cake that a bakery simply dirty iced for me!  Check out the photos from my husband's 40th birthday last summer to see.

So with that and what was shown a few weeks ago from the Fresh Chick, I will be opening a shop with Fondant Pieces for you to dress up a bakery cake, store bought or a cake you simply bake yourself!

I will have very unique and fun pieces for everyone to take advantage of semi-decorating your cake!

Until then here is a sweet fashionable cake I was able to do for a fantastic tween this weekend!  Inspired by the legendary Barbie herself!  I am also on a shabby chic vintage kick with preparing for a shabby chic tea party in the upcoming weeks.  I love the look of this cake with the icing and fondant pieces.......

Peace, Love & Cakes~



  1. Thank you Hani! I need your help with my camera...LOL ;)!

  2. I love this creative way of dressing up a cake with gorgeous fondant pieces! Yours here is so pretty!

  3. Adore that cake and looking forward to your etsy shop.

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL! How did you ice it so it looked this way? Love everything you do! Congrats on the etsy shop. Can't wait.

  5. Thank you Angela! I used the tip of my kitchen knife, and just used a swirl motion and pulled the icing away from the cake a bit ;)!