Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{Scrumptious Ending} Puff Pastry, Strawberries & Ice Cream

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's 
how ever you decided to celebrate it!  

We enjoyed this dessert last night but honestly is a perfect & a scrumptious ending for any occasion!  It is also, most importantly so simple and looks & tastes fantastic when it is served!

Here is what you need & what to do~ 

Heart or any cookie cutter shape~ at least 4-5 inches
Box or more of puff pastry found in your stores freezer section~ I use Pepperidge Farms brand
Ice Cream
Fresh Strawberries
Hershey's Heath Toffee Bits
Hershey's Chocolate to melt and drizzle on top
Confectioners Sugar

Thaw your pastry sheets according to the package, when thawed cut out the shapes you wish and bake.  Let them cool. When you are ready to serve, split carefully your pastry, slice your strawberries & melt your chocolate.  Arrange as pictured below ( I also sprinkled the strawberries with a bit of confectioners sugar too ;) for extra sweetness)

Enjoy!  It is so scrumptious & easy I promise!!

Peace, Love & Scrumptious Endings~ 



  1. oh my goodness! This looks amazing!

  2. Just wanted to say hello! Just read your "about" section & love what you're up to - your blog is adorable!