Friday, July 22, 2011

The Oven is Off! Got out the Blender to keep cool!

What’s in your blender this week?

While 40 of our states including mine with one of the highest heat indexes today has been stuck under what they are calling a heat dome.  So what does that mean no oven on for me! Which by the way is a nice break however; I am having a hard time keeping my little ones entertained!

So I am not baking we pulled out the blender a few times to whip up something scrumptious for us to enjoy!
We thought t would be fun to share what we have thrown together to enjoy our smoothies! 
Here is what has gone in~
(mind my cell phone pics, wasn't planning on posting but figured why not make it fun & share!

1 peach sliced,
6 pieces of pineapple
1 container of strawberries
6 oz Chobani Greek yogurt
slash of orange juice, & a dash of honey

Measure however you wish, you can't go wrong  promise! 
And if you wish add some sugar or splenda to make it sweeter! 

The second one (my favorite)

Peach Chobani Greek Yogurt
Splash of Orange Juice
Again, can't go wrong with how much just make sure you can blend t!

What kind of smoothies do you like to make or order?  Please share, have a feeling we will be making a lot more these next few weeks! 

Peace, Love & Smoothies!



  1. I LOVE smoothies. YUM...... and you are right... in this heat it is smart to leave the oven off.....

  2. i love smoothies too and have been keeping cool with them this summer as well! My oven has had a BIG break! I like to use cream of coconut to make my smoothies sweet. About a tablespoon or two helps and doesnt make it taste so coconut-ty. Like you say measure as you wish, because you really cant go wrong!

  3. Smoothies are a fun way to get kids to enjoy more fresh fruits! Thanks for the recipe!