Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the Rocks with Salt! Margarita Saturday's Pinterest Board

Summer is almost officially here, although if you live in the Northeast part of the country summer weather has been making itself present a lot! This past week here in Philadelphia, PA we set records in the high 90's & 100 degree temps.  Tonight is the perfect evening now that the temperatures have come down a bit to have a Margarita Saturday!

image via Pottery Barn
This 2 tiered serving tray from Pottery Barn is perfect for the presentation of the theme.

Two summers ago my husband and I being that we have three children began having "date nights in" on Saturday's, one of the themes is a margarita saturday date night in!  We have mararita's mafe with Freshie's all natural mix, tacos, chips & salsa all the things you would have to enjoy your cocktails! 
image via Pottery Barn
I love this extra large margarita glass from Pottery Barn
Somtimes life calls for an extra large one for sure!

Want to join the fun and have your own?  I collected an inspiration board on Pinterest for the theme!  Click over to see! 

Roasted Tomatoe Salsa image via Martha Stewart

Melon infused margarita skewers
Layla Grace now has Trina Turk fabrics by the yard!  This would be perfect to make your own placemats to brighten up your table.
I created the board with recipes from Martha Stewart and my blog, decor from Pottery Barn and Layla Grace, serving pieces from Pottery Barn and Rosanna, Inc. and many more! 

Enjoy your Saturday!  How do you like your margarita?  I am definitely on the rocks with salt!  

Peace, Love & Margarita Saturday's,



  1. I am on the rocks with salt kinda girl, too! We would get along great. Margaritas are my favorite!

  2. That is an absolutely delicious inspiration board -- visually and flavor-wise!