Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Salty & Sweet Crunch DIY Treat Bags

Valentine's Day will soon be here!  I always enjoy putting together sweet treats for my girls to take to their classmates!  Here is a sweet treat bag idea for you!

First you need to download the FREE adorable favor tags that my friend Rebecca from The Fresh Chick Studio designed for all of us!  
Get your favorite caramel popcorn & a supply of RED M&M's.  My grocery store has a whole bar of many different colored M&M's,you can also buy containers of them at the party store or even Walmart has them.

Get your treat bags, your favorite baker's twine, mine is from my friends at The Twinery or ribbon scissors, ruler and your Martha Stewart Crafts scorer~

Fill your bags with your desired amount of caramel corn and then add your M&M's.  Cut out your adorable tags, use your heart punch in the corner so you can attach it to the treat bag with your twine.  Shake up the bag a bit to mix the two together.

There you go sweet & salty DIY treat bags!  Make it extra special and maybe your little one's can help take part in making their treats for their friends!  

Peace, Love & Valentine's Sweet Crunch~



  1. So cute!!!! I need to make this!! I LOVE anything sweet and salty (; thanks for sharing my sweet valentine!!

  2. Very cute! I think my girls will love this craft! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy with